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We live in a digitally connected world and businesses must adapt to consumer and regulatory mood surrounding Data Privacy and AI usage models. Aspenwood Consulting can help you navigate this dynamic and challenging environment. With deep knowledge in privacy, marketing, product development, and business operations we offer practical solutions that can help you transform data risk into a competitive advantage.

Our Privacy Services

  • Privacy Assessments & Gap Analysis
  • Privacy Program Planning and Definition
  • Policy and Process Development
  • Privacy Program Management
  • Privacy-by-Design Strategies
  • Privacy Training

Aspenwood Consulting is here to help you retain and win business with right-sized, easy to implement privacy and security programs that have a proven track record of passing larger company compliance muster. Our goal is help you build the right privacy program for your organization.

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Our Clients: Startups, Small Service Providers, and Growth Companies

Growing a business is challenging enough without onerous regulatory requirements throwing you and your budget out of balance. Fortunately, most smaller organizations are exempt from many (but not all) privacy regulations. But you can quickly outgrow those exemptions. Reducing data risk via Privacy-by-Design principles can increase your value as you prepare for your acquisition or public offering.

Even if you chose to keep things small, many of your larger customers, partners, and clients must comply with privacy regulations. That means they will contractually require companies like yours can help them protect their data and fulfill their compliance obligations, such as Data Rights Requests. Are you prepared? Do you even know where to start? We can help!

Liz Toffel Coker

Our Philosophy: Privacy Should Enhance, Not Limit Your Business

Hi! I’m Liz Toffel Coker. I’m a Certified Privacy Information Manager (IAPP). My privacy journey began back in college where an innocent public sharing of personal data resulted in an extortion attempt against my family. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the perpetrator was caught and convicted. This, along with a handful of other data-driven marketing and technology epiphanies over the years, set the stage for my privacy passion - long before automated data sharing, cell phones, opt-outs, and digital privacy laws were “a thing”.

I am also passionate about building and growing businesses. I have lead marketing and ops teams for public companies and startups. I’ve worked with countless early stage and rapid growth organizations in tech and health tech – guiding go-to-market and privacy strategies, programs, and privacy-considered product development. I have worked in distribution, manufacturing, and professional services, am the founder/co-founder of two companies, and the co-inventor of 5 patents focused on Web-based contextual data communications and digital data privacy.

At Aspenwood Consulting we believe that when you treat people and their data with respect, you win new business and enhance customer loyalty and engagement. We work hard to keep you within regulatory (or contractual) compliance, and never lose sight that the choices you make about managing privacy risk within your organization must work for you, your culture, and your resources.

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